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Just incase not many people have seen the new trailer here it is


The Kadokawa Anime Channel on the YouTube streaming website has officially posted the first eight episodes of the “renewed airing of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya television anime series with English subtitles this weekend. The eighth episode happens to be the first new episode that Kyoto Animation produced since the original 2006 run. The English-subtitled episodes will be available until July 5 (July 6 at 12:59 p.m. Japan Standard Time). Kadokawa has been streaming each episode in Japanese one week after its broadcast since last month.

Watch it while it last since most likely to be removed later in the future


Starchild’s official website for the Natsu no Arashi! anime series has announced that production on a second season has been green-lit. The second season will air on TV Tokyo and its affiliated stations this fall. The final episode of the first season based on Jin Kobayashi’s Natsu no Arashi! science-fiction romance manga aired on Sunday night. The end of the episode featured an illustration by Kobayashi that declared in English, “I’ll be back!”

Taken from ANN

The August issue of Gakken’s Megami Magazine will reportedly announce on Tuesday that a new Kanokon anime project is in the planning stages. Just as in last year’s Kanokon television series, Atsushi Ootsuki will direct the animators at Xebec on the new project. Series script supervisor Masashi Suzuki, character designer and animation director Akio Takami, and the cast led by Mamiko Noto, Ayako Kawasumi, and Miyū Takeuchi will also return. The copyright notice in Megami Magazine lists one of the project’s rights holders as the “Kanokon R Production Committee,” but the name of a production committee does not necessarily reflect the finalized title of its anime project.

Both anime projects adapt Katsumi Nishino and Koin’s Kanokon romantic comedy light novels about an ordinary boy with two female schoolmates — who happen to be fox and wolf deities. The North American publisher Seven Seas Entertainment had announced in September of 2006 that it would be translating the original light novel series into English.

Taken from ANN

Websites for K-ON wallpaper:
A cute wallpaper:

There’s only two uploaded right now on the official site, but they look pretty good.
High Quality K-ON Wallpaper !!
3 sizes available

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The first trailer has come out for the movie!!
Will update as soon as more trailers come out
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Episode 13: Winter Days!
Fuyu no Hi! (冬の日!)

K-ON - 13 - 01 K-ON - 13 - 02

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