Otaku Pride

K-ON Episode 1

Posted on: June 22, 2009

Episode 1:”Dissolution!”
“Haibu!” (廃部!)


Rating of this Episode: 10/10
Thoughts- Impressions
Love the opening and ending song.
The scene where Yui is waking up  is just like me in the morning.
I can play piano, but not that well. ^_^ I’m probably going to try harder.


________________________________________________________________________________________________________The story starts with Yui waking up, unwilling to get up and go to school.  She realizes she’s late, and proceeds to run out the door without really eating breakfast, then undergoes a a painful looking fall as she does so. Very clumsy indeed.

The scene where she stares at the clock really appeals to me, knowing that she read her clock wrong. It portrays the character within Yui.

After the graduation ceremony, Yui sits at her desk and ponders which club to join, and as Nodoka stated,  she hasn’t joined one before. It could be difficult for her to choose now. She gets referred to as NEET.


Then we see Ritsu persuading Mio to join Light Music Club (Kei on buu) with her. However, Mio had already signed up for the Literature club, though with Ritsu’s demanding personality, her registration form gets ripped up (by Ritsu) and is dragged into the music room.

As they wait for countless hours,  (or so i assume since the sun started to set), Mio tells Ritsu that they need at least 4 members to form a club, and mentions that the club application must be handed in by the end of the month.

Then our third character, Tsumugi Kotobuki appears! She mistakenly believes that the music room was where the chorus club was, and asks Mio and Ritsu if she could sign up. Ritsu and Mio, grasping this chance, beg Mugi frantically to join their club, after hearing about Ritsu’s and Mio’s promise to each other to form a band.


Mugi then decides to join!

Now to their last member: who will it be?
Yui, hoping to join Light Music Club, is thinking of joining to play the castanets.
The club members then invite her to a tea party in the music room, and they interview Yui, asking what guitarists she enjoys listening to. Causing a big misunderstanding, Yui stands up and justifies that she couldn’t play the guitar at all. Ritsu, Mio, and Mugi, in order to save the club, decide to perform in front of Yui to change her mind in leaving the club.


After performing, Yui realizes they weren’t ” that good” at all but acknowledges the fact that it will be fun joining this club. Knowing that, Yui decides to join and it ends with Yui thinking how she will get her guitar.


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