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K-ON Episode 4

Posted on: June 25, 2009

Episode 4: Rooming Together!

Gasshuku! (合宿!)

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Yui is finally practicing! It’s not going too well though… her fingering is a bit carpal. Mio busts in with unstoppable conviction and declares that since summer vacation is coming up, they need to go on a training camp to prepare for the all-important school festival.

Ritsu wants to do a maid cafe. Yui yaps about something, but I’m too busy thinking about Mio in a maid costume to care. Mugi shows up on cue to quell the tension and eventually offer her summer villa (of course her family owns one).

It’s bikini time. They hop on the train, and spy on Mugi talking in her sleep. Aghhh cuteness overload.

Turns out the villa is huge. Mugi, being the stuck up ojousama that she is, makes a passing mention that it was supposed to be a larger one, but they only let her have the smallest one. Clearly the manga was done before the economic crisis, because feats of lavishness like this one were the first to go. Makes me wonder what her real house looks like – we’ll most likely find out after the onsen ep and the temple visit ep.

The house is pretty stacked, it comes with fresh fruit and crazy marble beef in the fridge. And a practice room! Turns out the reason Mio is so amped to practice was cuz she heard the tape of the previous K-ON club, and they’re much better… Mio hates to lose! It’s just kinda hard when there’s a private beach right outside…

Naturally, Mio’s boobs are amazing, or at the very least, she has boobs, which is more than one can say about Yui or Ritsu… plus she’s wearing that awesome two piece mmmmm XD.

Oh, right, they’re supposed to practice. Well, after dinner. And after you have a whole day at the beach and eat a fatty dinner, one is definitely in the mood to practice. After sleeping…

Mio and Mugi do their best to convince the two slackers to practice, but it’s not happening. I should point out that Mio is just wearing some normal t-shirt, but it’s just hanging loosely off her shoulders and it looks really hot. Along the say we also get some preview of Mio in a maid outfit.

Cue a montage of Yui going buckwild on her guitar with fireworks going on behind her. Apparently these girls are more concerned with the appearance of a cool band rather than actually playing music. Which isn’t far from the truth given the stuff that Avex is constantly cramming down the hungry mob’s throats.

And then Yui busts out with some actual guitar techniques WOOT

Personal Thoughts

Loved this episode, was a great blast watching them enjoy themselves at the beach as well practice for the summer festival.
We get to see how Mio is weak against scary stuff which makes her more loveable 😛
As well as the ending where the fireworks is going around Yui, makes us wish it really happens at the end but time will tell.
Of course i will give this episode a good 10/10

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