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K-ON Episode 5

Posted on: June 25, 2009

Episode 5 “Adviser!”
“Komon!” (顧問!)

Rating for this Episode: 7.5/10
Thoughts:This episode mainly introduces Sawako-sensei as their club adviser and how her past has influenced the band members to ” not grow more wild”. It might seem weird -but as you get to know about Sawako-sensei’s scene- you’ll understand.


vlcsnap-95170 - Copy

After their previous retreat at Mugi’s house, they return to the club and prepares for the festival at their school. Ritsu recovers previous Light Music Club member’s Photo album and opens it out of interest.

Don’t one of the club members look familiar? Hmm….

Then the little fun starts when Yui suddenly injured her finger from her guitar strings, Mio then hides in horror, and repeats,” I can’t see, I can’t hear.” Ritsu knowing Mio’s inner fear scares Mio by saying more frightening stuff to Mio.

With the school festival upcoming, Mio reminds Ritsu that they should hand in their application form soon, however the Light Music Club isn’t officially a club yet!

As they approach the student council room, they come across, Nodoka( Yui’s childhood friend) and seeks for her assistance to find out why Light Music Club isn’t officialized yet. They find out that their club application form wasn’t even handed in yet, which Mio divert all his attention into Rtisu, because of her eagerness to “eat more cake” she has forgotten to hand in the form, and have left it in a desk.

No worries, Nodoka to the rescue. Now their only hassle is to find a club adviser.
Their target: Sawako sensei

As the club members approach Sawako sensei, they beg her inititally to be their club adviser. However Sawako sensei is already the adviser for the chorus club. Yui suddenly remember the photo from the album book realizes that Sawako-sensei looks a bit like one of the members in the album. Sawako-sensei trying to hide the fact that she was an alumni at the school, runs to the Light Music Club to retrieve her photo.

Prior to the enlighted entrance of Sawako-sensei, Ritsu has already taken the photo out of the album- so we know this was all set-up.
To retrieve the photo back, Sawako-sensei has no choice but to join as their adviser. Hurray K-ON BUU!
The flashback of Sawako sensei then reveals to the girls that the reason why Sawako sensei become a punk artist was because of her hatsukoi( first love).How tragic:D
Something interesting was when Yui hands the guitar to Sawako sensei, her power-up form releases and she plays the guitar with flawless techniques!
The club members then perform a little song to Sawako-sensei and asks how they can improve.
Then it was set, they needed a song to sing, and a vocalist!


Mio’s composition of: Fuwa Fuwa Time
Ritsu and Sawako-sensei’s Thoughts: Odd expression…. ( no comment)
The club members came to a conclusion and decided to use Mio’s FUWA FUWA Time, and decided that Yui will be their vocalist.
However with Yui’s one minded personality, she can’t sing and play guitar at the same time.
Again, Sawako-sensei rescues them, time for special training!
Yui comes back with a renewed face, and plays efficiently with perfect rhytmn, and surprised her club members with such skills.
vlcsnap-97883 - Copyvlcsnap-98083

The moment Yui opens her mouth, her voice was lost!
That narrows it down to, MIO being the lead singer!
Good Luck Mio!
stayed tuned for episode 6 for K-ON ‘s first live performance!
Mio being the vocalist-singing Fuwa Fuwa Time

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