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K-ON Episode 10

Posted on: June 26, 2009

Episode 10: Rooming Together Again!

Mata Gasshuku! (また合宿!)

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It’s time for the second annual training camp, except this time they’ve got their new recruit with them. The episode starts off with a little cordial meeting between Ui and Azusa – they meet up at the wacdonalds and proceed to do what girls do best – talk shit about their friends – until Ritsu shows up and starts dominating the disucssion.
Then, they head over to Ui’s house. Which makes me wonder, what were they planning on doing if Ritsu hadn’t shown up? Neither Ui nor Azusa seem like the frivolous shopper type, and two girls together don’t usually go watch a movie (at least not in anime), and while they could’ve gone to karaoke, they don’t seem like the kind of girls to just let loose and blare it out. I could see a quick trip to the batting cages, with Ui clapping on while Azusa gets all serious about hitting a 40mph fastball.

At any rate, they pack up and head to the beach, this time to a newer, larger location – but still not the large place Mugi was talking about last time. No marble beef this time, but some nice beach chairs and a freakin’ yacht were sent over, which got Mugi even more riled up than the first time.
Ok, another pause here – Mugi has no problem talking about how crappy her gigantic summer villa is, but then goes crazy when there’s marble beef in the fridge, or a yacht in the bay? I don’t get it. Maybe she’s not old enough to understand real estate yet. They spend the rest of the afternoon doing what anime girls do at the beach – splashing around in the water while mindlessly tossing a beach ball around, making sand boobs, and otherwise showing off their extremely well planned and well designed swimwear and hairstyles. As usual, it’s very generic fare, but as usual, no complaints from me.

For some reason, they stop frolocking and go back inside to practice. While using one of her fancy schmancy tuners, Azusa discovers that Yui has perfect pitch, which continues to build the Yui mystique.

Practice goes well, but then Ritsu gets hungry, so they head off to make some food. Mmmm food. Gonna go get a volcano burrito after this.

After dinner is some dinky fireworks, and then that damn kimo dameshi (test of courage) that happens in every anime. Except there’s no guys to rape raep reap the benefits here. Some shadowy, not all that scary figure emerges from the bushes… it’s Sawachan-sensei. Afterwards, bath scene with too much fog, and a sensei with itchy fingers.

And finally, a late-night practice session between Yui and Azusa. More hugging opportunities!

Personal Thoughts

Nice episode, a good trip to the beach with a new member can never fail. Even with Azusa’s personality of practicing she can easily be drawn to the fun side 😛
There was also the ocassional Mio scaring which makes me think, what if she gets so scared she gets a heart attack 😮
At the end of the episode we see that even with all the practice and fun, Yui is motivated alot to practice more and asks for help. Of course the BIG HUG was a great ending scene 😛

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