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K-ON Episode 12

Posted on: June 27, 2009

Episode 12 “Light Music!”
“Keion!” (軽音!)

Note: It might be confusing to understand the text, because the photos are re-arranged in a different order.
Sorry and pardon for this inconvinience.

Oh no, Yui is sick, how will they perform!?

This is the last episode of the actual K-ON ! Finale. There will be a EXTRA ( ep.13) so enjoy.

Rating for this episode: 10/10
Very meaningful, we even got to see Sawako sensei on the guitar!
Thoughts: Great episode, when Yui said her own soliloquy while she was getting her guitar, it relates to episode 1 in how she haven’t decided on what to do yet, and don’t know which direction she’s going to go. By joining K-ON buu, i think this gave her the confidence and ambition to be what she is now.

The reason why Yui is sick is mainly caused by the love of a yukata. As Ui stated, she loved it so much she spend the whole day with it. People who don’t know how a yukata looks like

Yukata will actually be there new outfit in their last performance!

Yui then appears at the door! It could seem suspicious to the group members but they relieve themselves and practice.
To their surprise, the whole song was completely perfect, and Yui has mastered her parts.
They find it kind of irrelevant , and wonders if Yui is actually” Yui”

They realize she’s a phony , ohh it’s Ui afterall, but how come she can play the guitar that well?
Yui actually seeked Ui for assistance in playing the guitar and during that time Ui miraculously learned guitar, even if she only touched it a few times.
Sawako-sensei: Her breast’s are larger than Yui’s! That part was hilarious ^_^
kind of interesting how the group members didn’t even know she was there.

The real Yui comes in! Mio informs that Azusa should start practicing lead guitar as a back-up for the festival.Azusa not wanting to practice lead guitar, made Mio come up with a final conclusion. She decides to let Yui rest and not come till the day of the school festival. With that in mind, Yui right now has to focus on recovering fully.

The day of the festival comes!Nodoka walks in and informs the members about their time, and tells them a little story about Yui and her past.

Behind Sawako sensei appears Yui, and the club members sighs in relief, leaving Azusa mad at Yui for not coming in earlier and making her worry like meatbuns.Sisterly love starts !! Yui hugs Azusa and apologizes for being clumsy all the time, Azusa forgives her, and they get ready for the performance!
Just when they prepare to go to their stage, Yui realizes she has left her guitar at home.
Sawako sensei suggest Yui to use her guitar, the scene then goes to their performance and lets the audience wonder if Yui really played with Sawako-sensei’s guitar.

The performance starts without Yui, and in the end, Yui can’t play without her guitar, so with all her strength she decides to run home and retrieve her guitar.

To my surprise, Yui not only got out of the house without tripping, while she was running back to school, she did not get side tracked and everything went smoothly.

Yui arrives at their Budokan, and gets ready to perform. She makes a little ruckus while getting up on the stage, and begins to cry because of the hassle she has caused in her group. The group members comfort her and tells her not to worry-soon fans supported her too!
After a little introduction of the K-ON club by Yui, they finally perform their last performance,as a whole group.

Encore! They play Fuwa Fuwa Time again, and that wraps everything up for K-ON club.

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