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I will be mass blogging on the new site now since i have finished with the editing of the site

Some pictures i couldn’t upload on the other website><
Really want to share with you guys!

They are all ZweiXEin pictures only

The full picture/anime review will be on the website!
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for the full anime review for episode 18!
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Kerobear waiting for: Darker than Black!
Fairy Tail finally out in anime!
Along with Winter Sonata, from Korean drama adaptation.


We haven’t been doing reviews lately, because me and Zero are busy with our new site.

Some problems came up, so we will need some time , re-posting our reviews from this site.

reviews we will catch up on:

Bakemonogatari Ep4
Canaan Ep3,4

And of course: Phantom Requiem for the Phantom Spoilers / Reviews

We will be starting other anime series for reviews when our site is fully running~