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Aoi Hana – Sweet Blue Flowers – Episode 01

Posted on: July 2, 2009

Episode 1: Flower Tale

Aoi Hana - OP - 01 Aoi Hana - OP - 02

Aoi Hana - OP - 03 Aoi Hana - OP - 04
Aoi Hana - OP - Large 05 Aoi Hana - OP - Large 06

Opening Sequence
OP: 「青い花」 (Aoi Hana) by 空気公団 (Kuukikoudan)

Aoi Hana - 01 - 01 Aoi Hana - 01 - 02
Aoi Hana - 01 - 03 Aoi Hana - 01 - 04
Aoi Hana - 01 - 06 Aoi Hana - 01 - 07
Aoi Hana - 01 - 08 Aoi Hana - 01 - 09
Aoi Hana - 01 - 10 Aoi Hana - 01 - 11
Aoi Hana - 01 - 12 Aoi Hana - 01 - 13
Aoi Hana - 01 - 14 Aoi Hana - 01 - 15
Aoi Hana - 01 - 16 Aoi Hana - 01 - 19
Aoi Hana - 01 - 20 Aoi Hana - 01 - 21
Aoi Hana - 01 - 22 Aoi Hana - 01 - 23
Aoi Hana - 01 - 24 Aoi Hana - 01 - 25
Aoi Hana - 01 - 26 Aoi Hana - 01 - 27

Ending Sequence
ED: 「センティフォリア」 (Senteforia) by Ceui


Manjoume Fumi has recently moved back to her old town with her family, and she’s starting school at the all-girls Matsuoka high school. Across town, Okudaira Akira is also on her way to her new Fujigaya high school, and the two girls run into each other in front of the train station. Not recognizing each other, Akira notices how tall Fumi is, and when they’re on the train, Akira sees Fumi crying and saves her from a molester. Fumi thanks Akira afterward, but the two then go their separate ways to their respective high schools without introducing themselves to each other. In class, Fumi is able to become acquainted with a girl named Youko and her two friends in the drama club, but Fumi declines to join them and continues to bury herself in her reading. Akira meanwhile makes a new friend in a short-haired girl named Ikumi Kyouko, but she continues thinking about Fumi.

By chance, Fumi and her mother come visit Akira’s house that night, and it is at this point that the two girls finally realize that they were childhood friends. Back when they were young, Fumi was a crybaby and needed Akira to help her with everything. When Fumi had moved away, the two had promised to write to each other, but they never did. Akira is amazed now at how tall Fumi has become, and she also observes that Fumi is rather flat-chested. When Fumi returns home, she tells her cousin Chizu all about it. Chizu eventually puts her hand on Fumi’s, but they get interrupted by Fumi’s mother who presents a cake to Chizu congratulating her on her upcoming wedding. Fumi is shocked by this news, and Chizu can only apologize. When Akira runs into Fumi the next morning at the train station, she finds Fumi crying. Giving Fumi a handkerchief, Akira comments on how she is always so quick to cry, and Fumi realizes that those words easily jump across ten years time.

Personal Thoughts

Both the opening and ending sequence were nicely animated. The songs were not that bad but out of the two i like the ending sequence since it was done by Ceui.
As you can see in this first episode its going to be a romance anime and not with guys so a yuri anime (girlXgirl). This episode was a basic introduction of Fumi and Akira, didn’t find anything special but i know it should get interesting later on.
I’ll give this episode a 7/10

(Might continue blogging depending on how the series go)

1 Response to "Aoi Hana – Sweet Blue Flowers – Episode 01"

I think o_O this is a yuri anime lol..

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