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Phantom Requiem For the Phantom ~Ep14 Eren is alive!

Posted on: July 3, 2009

This is not a review,but it’s news for all Eren and Reiji fans!

Eren is alive :D!

If i’m wrong: then it’s false alarms guys! Correct me if it actually isn’t her, but i doubt it i mean IT IS EREN!!!

But at the same time when Reiji goes back to the warehouse to train Cal, he goes back to Eren’s room, and picks up the bullet which he took out of Eren. A flashback came to of ErenXReiji hug moments came to him, >_< kyaaa !!  Though to my dissapointment he threw the bullet away without hesitating as if he didn’t care. I guess he found a new partner , he’s going to forget about Eren. Reiji how could you!!!

The raw is out today~ Waiting for the subs, anyways just wanted to share with you people. ^_^! I’m just fangirling that’s all.

Personal Thoughts :
A bit boring at first, since it was mostly introduction for Cal and her skills~ Zwei seems to have changed ever since the death of Eren, but now she’s back, what can we expect? Will they escape again, HOWEVER i realized Cal has come up will she be a hindrance to Zwei during the assasinations? Zwei refers to Cal as a tensai ( genius) so i think that will be fine. O_O Despite that fact that Eren is back, I think Zwei and Eren is going to take opposite sides in the end…. Sigh* sniffle i really hope this pair goes together. 14/26 12 more episodes left i wonder what’s going to happen.

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