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Needless – Episode 1

Posted on: July 5, 2009

Episode: Adam・Blade
Adamu・Bureido – (アダム・ブレイド)

Opening Sequence – “modern strange cowboy” by GRANRODEO


It starts off with a small description of what has happened to the world. In the year 20xx AD the third world war occured. Tokyo was the first target involved in a bombing which engulfed Tokyo in a crimson flame burning everything down. Since then half a century has passed and Tokyo has become polluted and is isolated from the outside. At night this area creates a black circle in Japan’s night scene which is commonly known as the Black Spot.

The anime starts in the Year 2130 located at Japan. First scene of the anime shows there are resistance against a group of people who have special powers. The lady has the power of psychokinesis which can control objects, the kid has the power of freezing people as well as object i presume and the last guy has the power of flames which burns all the resistance down. The leader is also show drinking the blood of the resistance and calling them weak.

The scene suddenly changes to the main character Cruz and his older sister who’s name isn’t said. Cruz gives up hope from running away from the Testaments (big robot with guns and rockets – not gundams). Crus is then forced to run away through the sewers while his older sister buys time for him to escape. With her last effort she fights the testament one on one which causes a massive explosion without any sign of who won the fight.

Cruz running away in the sewer yet runs into another Testament and somehow a guy appears out of no where where Cruz said “god”. Cruz who believes the guy is god (Father) is saved by the person who fights the Testament one on one but destroys it. However he recieves sever damage as a result which Cruz takes him to a place to get healed which is a church i pressume. Blade aka god in Cruz eyes comes out after being treated thanks Cruz. Out of no where a girl on a motorbike comes and runs over Cruz. She runs towards Blade in a lovey lovey manner but is rejected by Blade who is worried about Cruz who she ran over. Cruz wakes up and that the girl is his sister but it wasn’t.

Here they all reunit and give each other introduction to who they are. The geezer is called Gido, the father introduced himself as Blade and the girl introduce herself as Eve Neusch Von Stein but prefer him to call her Eve Neusch Von Stein Sama which of course no one does and calls her Eve for short. Cruz introduces himself and is given the nickname of Yamada by Eve which upsets him. However Blade questions him why he was chased by the Testament. Cruz who belongs in the resistance with his sister was one of the people who attacked the Shimeon’s Commander. Which is a drug company which is located at the middle of the black spot and is controled by Adam Arclight who is the person who drank the blood of the resistance and controls the lady, kid and guy who killed the resistance. However the testament which fought Blade in the sewers got detail of Blade and a needless is sent to kill Blade as well as Cruz.

Blade and the rest talk about the Needless gang who assassinates Needless people and cut off their body parts who are unknown people. Cruz says that they need to kill Arclight to stop them. Eve then says that Cruz was a coward since he ran away from the fight which he then thinks about his sister since he was saved by her.

Cruz then encounters the needless who was sent to kill him and is tortured to tell him where Blade is. Blade, Gido and Eve shows up to save Cruz from the needless. The needless’s power is creating string which are sharp and has the ability to cut which no one can stop unless God himself.

Blade breaks free from the threads, which scares the needless and threatens to kill Cruz which he does attack however Cruz stops the attack *shock*. However its not Cruz its Eve who has the power to tranform to anything as long as it stay in a certain distance. Eve leaves the needless to Blade after saving Cruz. Blade which the thread has no affect on then does the same attack as the needless. Which then shows that Blade’s power is to copy other people’s attack which is the zero fragment.
After the fight Eve learns that Cruz sister died from Gido and feels sorry for him and transform into her. Cruz who think it was her starts crying after a lecture from Eve but Eve called him Yamada which then he knew it wasn’t her and ran off crying. Which ends the episode by the 3 needless in the beginning finding the dead needless which Blade killed. Saying that they are against needless which presumes that Blade and Eve are needless as well.

Ending Sequence – “Aggressive zone” by Needless★Girls

Personal Opinon
An very interesting first episode. Cruz who is a cry baby which i hope gets stronger later on. The opening and ending songs ain’t into my liking but the ending was quite weird with the animation to me.
The animation in the anime is not bad and reminds me of Guren Lagoon alot. Also loved the confrontation between Eve and Cruz which was quite funny but proves a point.

Personal Rating 8/10

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