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Kanamemo – Episode 1

Posted on: July 9, 2009

Episode 1 – Alone for the first time…
hajimeteno , hitoribocchi … (はじめての、ひとりぼっち…)

Opening Sequence – “Kimi he to Tsunagu Kokoro” by Aki Toyosaki, Kaoru Mizuhara and Rie Kugimiya

The starts of in Kana’s grandmother house where her grandmother passes away with her only attending to the funeral. The collecters are then summoned to the house to collect all the belongings of her grandmother. Kana being a kid who is 13 years old misunderstands this and thinks that they will take her away and runs off. The scene then changes to a store which puts up a recruitment sign looking for someone. We can tell that the season is summer as well. They introduce 5 girls in the shop which are Yuki and Yume who like each other, Haruka the drunk girl and perverted, the chibi small girl who is the deputy and Hina with the dream of relaxing after work. Since they are advertising Haruka suggest that it would be nice if they hire someone who is a abit clumsy 10 year old girl with braids and glasses, or the selfish but tsundere type aged 14 or a 12 year old boy who is energetic and last of all a pure and frail, weak health 11 year old girl.

The delivery truck then comes with their load of work which are newspapers. Scene changes to Kana walking down the street worried what she should do which she stumbles past the newspaper store. As Kana was going to walk in the store, Yuki and Yume walk out holding a bunch of newspaper preparing for work. Before they set off they shared a kiss with each other which shocked Kana. Haruka holding the deputy in a unappropiate manner comes out which shocked Kana even more. Which made her change her idea of asking and try to find another place. Kana then goes around asking for spare rooms starting off at the flower store were they weren’t recruiting. Next place was a fruit and veg store however the owner didn’t accept a mid school student since she was too young. Next Kana goes to a supermarket store or convenience store where he accepted but needs to ask permission from her parents which results in a total failure. Kana walking around the area still looking gets tired and goes to the park where she feels sad and lonely but a cat comforts her.

The scene changes back to the 4 girl excluding the deputy girl delivering the newspapers which was a breeze for all the girls except Haruka. While doing the delivery in Hana’s scene she mentions that she is a 2 year ronin trying to get into college and Haruka wanting a cold beer once she finishes. Scene goes back to Kana where she gains more confidence and knows that she will be alright. Kana walking away from the park on the pavement gets knocked out by Yuki which she gets taken back to the newspaper store. Kana wakes up with the newpaper girls excluding the deputy all happy that she is ok. However Kana has a big scrap mark on her forehead which is still bleeding, but Haruka gets all emotion and hugs her which ends up with boob massaging which scares Kana resulting her to run away again but she noticed that it was the shop she first went to. She gathers up her courage to go back in where her belly rumbles since she hasn’t eatten a thing all day. The newspaper girls notice and offer her some curry to eat for the accident. Yuki apologises for hitting her, which the Kana digs into her curry noticing that its super sweet. Haruka telling off Yuki that she put sugar in it again which asks how much she put in which was 2 BAGS, however Yume eats the curry with no problem.

Scene changes to a Kana cooking up a vegetable stir fry where everyone digs into which results with nothing left for Kana to eat. Everyone praises Kana cooking which results in Kana asking if she could stay at the newspaper store saying she will work hard and cook meals. Of course she needs proof of the deputy first before she can stay, which she gets accepted even though she is young. The deputy asks for her parents phone number so she could contact them but Kana says that she has no one left makes a sad atmosphere.

The deputy gives Kana a room to stay at which told her that theres no baths and that there a public one. Every then goes to Kana’s room to party except the Deputy which Haruka gets tipsy on her own rice juice. Haruka also states that she is in university studying bio-fermentation, Yuki who is in a vocational college studying to be a pastry chef which concludes the super sweet curry and Hana is going to fail the 3 year college test. The room is also very empty since Kana didn’t bring any belongings which made them all sad and offered their own stuff. The episode then ends with the deputy yelling that they should go to sleep and they all go to their rooms and Kana missing her grandma sheds a tear and goes to sleep.

Ending Sequence – “YAHHO!!” by Yui Horie

Personal Thoughts
The opening and ending where very nice animated and nicely song. Out of all the songs i prefer the ending songs more since i’m a big fan of Yui Horie voice acting as well as her songs.

The first episode storyline was very touching with Kana being left behind while her relatives goes to heaven but one thing got me confused when the collecters said that her parents told them to take her grandma’s belongings. But hopefully we will know what really happened to them. The newspaper crew where also great fun to know espically Haruka and Hana which i liked alot. Didn’t really like Yume and Yuki much though. One thing i noticed was that the deputy didn’t get much screen time on the first episode and she is a grade schooler which surprised me wondering where her parents are.

Overall nice episode, worth watching i reckon.
Personal Rating: 8/10

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