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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – Episode 1

Posted on: July 10, 2009

Episode 1: Odaiba Sinks
Odaoba, shizumu (お台場、沈む)

Opening Sequence – “Kimi no Uta (キミノウタ)” by abingdon boys school

The anime starts of showing Kanto region which is totally destroyed by an earthquake with survivers all together and scenes of dead bodies which was the future of the anime. Scene goes back to where the main character gets her summer report card which she says she has flunked. Her other friends also get their reports and talk about what they are gonna do for their summer vacation which most of them are going on holiday except her. As always when there summer vacation theres summer reports and their assignment is to write about what they think they would be in the future 10 years from then. School has ended and everyone goes home, Mirai (main character) is offered to go to Shibuya with her friends but can’t since her parents are working and has to look after her brother. Mirai is texting to someone while she is going home, which she then stumbles across her little brother aka Yuki, where Yuki’s friend called her a phone alien.

Mirai, Yuki, Yuki’s friend as well as a teacher she knew are planting a plant that can’t grow any bigger inside their house at the back of the school and is dragged into helping them. She leaves her little brother and arrives home where her mother is also at home who is going to go to work. Also its her mother’s birthday, she also brought some cake for Mirai and Yuki to eat since she’s on a diet. Before her mother leaves she gives Mirai some chores and leaves.

Night time has arrived and Mirai’s little brother is drawing a birthday present for his mother and they mess around till their parents come home. Father comes home where he doesn’t seem that keen that its his wife’s birthday and then mother comes home where she is also stressed up and has to cook dinner too. This causes a fight between Mirai and her mother and causes Yuki not giving her the homemade card.
They also talked about how they never go on holidays like they used to do.

Next day Mirai and Yuki set out to go to a robot convention at Odaiba which Mirai is forced to go since her parents are working. They take the train to Odaiba and walk all the way to the convention, on the way they meet a lady at a vending machine drinking a cold drink. Once they reach the convention they set of exploring the place, first was the robotic pets. After they went to a place where they could control robots that can move in any surface even floors that aren’t flat. Mirai has a blast playing and is scould for making people wait for their turn which upsets her. After relaxing Yuki decides that they should buy their mother a present for her birthday, they set of buying her present which Mirai finds but a lady takes it which happens to be the lady at the vending machine. Feeling bad she offers the flower band back but Mirai gets sulky and says no which results into Yuki to accept it.

They set off leaving the place but before that Yuki needs to go to the toilet. While waiting a boy bumps into the back of her and gets ice cream over her skirt. She goes to the toilet to clean up and talks about how she hates her life. While waiting outside she looks at couples, she wonder if anything good will happen to her life and thinks that the world should just break. As she says that the place starts to shake which is an earthquake. Realising that her little brother is inside she wants to save him but can’t since its a big earthquake. She scream his name out (Yuki) and episode ends.

Ending Sequence – “M/elody” by Shion Tsuji

Personal Thoughts
The opening and ending are quite nicely animated. Song wise i prefer the opening alot more since i’m an abingdon boys school fan and knew it was their song just by the voice.
The storyline was nicely done to set up the scene when the earthquake was gonna happen. Mirai seemed to hate her parents alot which i can understand since they are never around, Yuki is also the person who cheers up Mirai. I just hope that Yuki doesn’t die since he was an important person for Mirai.
The anime is also based on a real story i think since the opening was subtitled about the anime.

Personal Rating 8/10

Kerobear’s Thoughts
It wasn’t a boring anime at all, though the main plot is about Tokyo encountering an earthquake, the story flows very smoothly and lets us understands bit by bit how which character is like.  I think this will be a great anime after all 😀

Episode 1 Rating: 8.5/10


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