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Element Hunters – Episode 1

Posted on: July 15, 2009

Episode 1: To Another World!
isekai he ! (異世界へ!)

Opening Sequence (audio only) – First Pain by Chiaki Ishikawa

The anime starts of seeing a girl in a train going to a town. The earth’s element disappeared 41 years ago, since the element disappeared the earth crust started to sink which made buildings unstable. There are 113 Elements and any elements that disappeared are called Element Disappearance. Scene changes to a class room where a teach is lecturing about Elements and our main character Ren is sleeping. After school they notice a castle that was not there before on top of a hill. Thinking about it they reckon its a haunted castle and set off to explore it. While going there, the scene changes to a group of 3 kids who are element hunters and are given a mission to recover a missing element.

Scene changes back to Ren and Chiara when they try to take a photo of the castle but it looked weird. Which makes them more excited to explore it. While inside they stumble across their classmate Homi and a trap was set off which they escaped from luckily, a figure of a girl was noticed by the group and they went back inside to find her thinking its a ghost. Where another trap was set off making the stairs crumble where they survive again. They find the room where the girl went into and was congraduated by her. They were appointed as element hunters which shocked them. The girl introduced herself as Juno an AI built by Professor Carr. The group is given devices to hunt QEX which are monsters which element hunters hunt. The 3 of them then is teleported into another place where they are given a mission to hunt the QEX. Amazed at the beautiful scene of flowers it was a field full of potatoes that explode when stepped on.

They find the QEX which was like a giant dinosaur. In order to defeat it they need to find the element of the QEX which they use their devices to scan it. Result was N which is Nitrogen, in order to extract it they need to take it out of the QEX body. Juno suggested that they should use the potatoes since it reacted with the nitrogen in the QEX body but the problem was that they have it make the QEX eat it. Ren lures the QEX away from Homi and Chiara due to the fact that the QEX is a female. Ren eventually throws a giant potato into the QEX mouth which reacted with the Nitrogen to make Anmonia which smells like fart i think. Ren then extracts the Nitrogen from the anmonia which is saved onto their device. Ren, Chiara and Homi then set off going back home by going to the place where they were sent to. However the 3 kids that was also suppose to catch the element sees them all confused. Ren, Chiara and Homi eventually arrive back greeted by Juno in a maid uniform where they seal the nitrogen. Juno stated that they can save the earth if they capture all of the elements and a hologram of Professor Carr talks to them.

Ending Sequence – (No Idea who sang it – Audio Only)

Personal Summary

After watching the first episode i felt that the anime was abit childish and reminded me alot of pokemon, digimon and the kid shows i watched when i was a kid. The opening song was ok and the ending was kinda catchy but not a song i would listen to on a bus home from Uni.
Thinking about it i dunno if i will continue watching it but i most likely will to blog it but won’t mean i will enjoy it 100%.
Personal Rating 5/10


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