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Phantom~Requiem For the Phantom Ep1

Posted on: July 22, 2009

Good news! abarsicu is now helping me do Phantom reviews! yay.
This is an actual phantom full episode review for episode 1. There’s more to come too!

Episode 1: The Awakening

Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to the black as ink world of  Requiem for the Phantom!

Inferno’s boss discusses his plans to expand the organization in the US to his goons. They decided to count on their special force, Phantom, consisted of a male named Zwei and a female named Ein, to eliminate a mafia boss in Las Vegas. Zwei infiltrated the base by car, shot down the guard in a badass manner and, along with Ein eliminated the rest of the guards in a bloody batlle. Then Ein, dressed as a housemaid, goes to deceive the mafia boss, unknown of what happened, only realized he was tricked when Zwei killed his accompanying bodyguards. The mission succeeded then we go back to Zwei’s past, awoken from a coma, he does not have any memory of why he is where he is other than the fact he was a Japanese tourist thanks to the water bottle and his bag. He then tried to explore the basement and it is revealed that it was actually a test for his abilities as assassin where he was surveyed by a scientist named Scythe Master. According to Scythe, Zwei is a genius as shown in his quick reflexions as well as perception. Then a girl in Darker than Black’s mask’s style appeared and start shower him with metal candies. While struggling and lose his shirt , Zwei succeeded in defeating Ein while having his eyes changed like a [Coordinator, or Innovator, Newtype, ] Just when he thrusted his sword down at eren, he snapped out of his killer state, and stopped.[ This is represented with the change of eyes shape and color]. He then got out of the basement and realized he was in an unlimited desert. Scythe Master then show up with another Inferno’s member named Claudia McCunnen , Scythe explained several things to Zwei before having him sleeping with a nice bullet from Ein, Claudia then allowed Scythe the permission to train Zwei into a full fledged assassin. Nice music starts and we got some shots of unknown characters then got to the flashy ending of Ali Project.

If you guys happen search for “Requiem for the phantom” , there is high chance that you will run into Phantom of Opera so before anyone asks if they are the same, the answer is NO, NOPE, NAI, NADA, even if they do share some look-alike scenes later on but not telling you. This show is about assassins, underworld and gunfight.
Well, the first episode, as others shows’ first episode, did a good job to introduce the characters. Character design as well as background design are pleasant looking but it is the BGM in my opinion that marks the awesomeness of Phantom.

The first part shows the current present of the Phantoms named Ein and Zwei, two top assassins of Inferno on mission and it does look like 007’s action with some exaggerated moves that make the show more supernatural while the other part run back to the past of Zwei and the few remainning minutes is a very interesting way of foreshadow the plot and the characters in my opinion.

The action are fluid but for some VERY keen eyes viewers, they might notice some illogical actions and behavior of the assassins but it is anime we are talking about so not everything will make senses, you guys should know that too, right?Other than that, this episode has lots of kinda bishie scenes (…Did I just say “Bishie” ? So embarrassing) so it may in some way please the female’s audience eyes even if he does not sparkle .

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