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Phantom~Requiem For the Phantom Ep2

Posted on: July 22, 2009

Episode 2: Training

Here we go for another PHANTASTIC Phantom episode. As usual, let’s kick off with same old summary and impressions:

The episode starts off with Zwei’s flashback from the previous episode, where Ein and Zwei are fighting. Then Zwei snaps out of his flashback, saw Ein and they start to have a conversation to know each other better as well as reviewing past events. It is revealed that Zwei got his memories erased since according to Ein, a Phantom does not need memories. The following scene introduces us to a meeting of Inferno, which took place in a hotel, or to be more precise, in the Boss’ bathroom, where the Boss, Mr.McWire, demanded confirmation of a reporter’s death who interfered with Inferno’s affairs.

Returning back to our protagonist, Ein conducts personal training to Zwei after the latter agreeing to work with Inferno for several days, ranging from sparring martial arts to small arms use in order to hone his skills as a potential Inferno assassin in upcoming Inferno missions. Through rigurous training, Zwei began to accept that he will not have any chance to escape and give up thinking for himself by only following blindly orders given. Meanwhile, Scythe showed Claudia recent results from Zwei’s training. The next day, Scythe called Ein on a mission while Claudia enters the complex right after Scythe Master picks up Ein without revealing her presence and tells Zwei about the objectives of Inferno, as well as to give “hope” to Zwei that he can find out who he is before she leaves him with a goodbye kiss ? While Ein assassinated a person of interest somewhere in America. The episode ends where Ein, returning home from the mission and revealed to Zwei that she was also brainwashed; then Zwei keeps practicing shooting under Ein’s supervision in the night sky.

Well, I will not argue about this episode being boring, since it indeed was boring. However, I do know the necessity of giving a character some backbones before pushing him into action. That being said, I can not deny the fact that the characterization was dragged out more than necessary. Also, I have to wonder if Mr. McWire was some kind of narcissist who loves to show off his body in a room full of men or was he merely shameless? Oh my bad, forgot Claudia … Anyway, I think the real deal will start in the next episode so please be patient until then; you guys can drop this show now if you want but do not come back regret later on and… I’m not gonna beg you to stay, cuz soon you’ll be finding, you can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my L-O-V-E… Wai- why am I singing Enrique’s Escape ? On a serious note, I was seriouly disturbed by Scythe in this episode because of his bizarre behavior toward Ein; oh well, I guess most scientists are like that so no surprise and shooting bricks look like fun, I might try it out someday, who knows?

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