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Phantom~Requiem For the Phantom Ep3

Posted on: July 23, 2009

Episode 3: Practice

The episode kicks off with Claudia, recalled her past with a certain person named Romero while looking at what seems like a picture passport of Zwei. Then Lizzie came along and together they start to discuss about Zwei, wondering if such a handsome guy could kill people in cold blood ? Meanwhile, Zwei and Ein start their training session with knives where Zwei, despite saying to himself to just blindly following orders, still can not get rid of his humanity and hesitate to kill when being told.
The scene then goes off to show a muder of an FBI agent in a supposed gang fight. Night comes, as usual, Ein was called by Scythe, but this time not for an assassination but for a “personal” maintenance where Scythe first asked for the progress of Zwei from Ein then ordered Ein to undress and start apply some kind of lotion that looks like machine oil all over her body.
Ein then returned to the base the following morning, telling Zwei to be prepared for the next mission. Meanwhile, Claudia and Scythe had a conversation with a weapon dealer named Wallace, who was working in the US Navy SEALs, and who was suspected by the FBI recently for dealing with various underground organizations. Wallace asked for Inferno’s protection since if he was being arrested, that could become a problem for Inferno. Claudia and Scythe decided to bring him to Phantom’s base, where they meet Mr.Mcwire. Scythe then proposed Wallace a chance to escape in condition if he was able to defeat Zwei in a duel to death, which is also another test for Zwei to bring out his true potentials.
The fight broke out in the basement, where Wallace was allowed to choose any weapon he want in the weapon stockroom. Zwei hesitates to go for the mission at first and finally gives in when Ein put a gun on his head, threatening to kill him if he refuses to obey order. Zwei’s hesitation to kill created Wallace’s many occasions to win despite Zwei’s superior skills. However, when Zwei was in the verge of death, his assassination skills awake and he shoots Wallace in his head after wounding him by using a combat knife to stab Wallace’s right arm. The episode ends with Mr.McWire asking Claudia where does she find such a talented fighter which Claudia responded that Zwei was from Japan and we get a last glance at Zwei’s killer eyes before digging into Ali Project’s ending.
Well, okay episode, I guess. Definitely lost some touch compared to the game’s counterpart in the fight between Zwei and Captain America…er I mean Wallace. The only thing that bothered me the most is how Zwei missed Wallace after getting almost beside him and missed the shot. If it was not enough, he was also missing the following shots, I know the guy still got some humanity left and hesitates to kill but seriously, what are all your bricks shooting practices were for, Zwei ?!!! Even Tales of the Abyss’ Luke can kill better than him in his first fight against a human. Also, is it me or Zwei just keep getting his weapons all of nowhere, do not tell me he was coming from the future, like Doraemon and get an unlimited pocket full of perverted magazines ?!! 0-o. On a serious side, seems like Claudia was now interested in Zwei and will create some drama in the upcoming episodes. Yay for MILF, anyone? Other than that, Scythe keeps getting weirder and weider as times passes, and before anyone ask me if he was a Pedo Bear’s worshipper, I would say NO since according to the game, he was only a messed-up-in-the-head guy with a fetish in creating the perfect weapon but I doubt he was actually doing anything beside creating the lotion he applied on Ein and brainwashed people’s head. But I do not blame you guys for getting creeped out and persuaded that way since it does look that way for a non-gamer watcher.
As for the preview for next episode, seems like we will get more actions next week and I sincerely hope the producers will not wind up making a fighter who can only kill when his other self awoke, since I was kinda fed up with those kind of characters after “browsing” through Gundam “00” for grade. What else to comment? Hmmm… Oh, I LOVE Kokia’s opening theme [karma].
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