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Kimi ni Todoke

Nyan Koi

Letter Bee


Darker than Black : Ryuusei no Gemini

A Certain Scientific Railgun

White Album 2

11 eyes

Seiken Blacksmith

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Woot, with a short time of 1 month, we have reached 2000+ hits.

Thank you for viewing our website!

What i really want to achieve this month:
Get more views! Definetly ♥
Blog more anime ! Of course

Hopefully more people will comment, and give us more feedback.


A little break from reviews: kero decides to draw for a change!

From kerobear:
Summer has finally come! Well, I’m bored all the time, it’s either I practice piano, eat, eat,and sleep. So other than that one of my time killers is drawing.
Bleh! I’m not a good artist at all, I can only sketch>.< Sorry if they look ugly!
CCF06242009_00000 (2)
op: Yui doing her cute pose
Bottom: Mugi peeking at who? ( Episode 5)

I know it’s pretty easy to figure out who’s who, but they don’t really looka alike…>_< pardon my suckiness at drawing.
I’ll leave drawing Ritsu, and Mio to Zero, since i’m too lazy. Or I’ll continue~ who knows

21st June 2009

The birth of this site has begun