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Kerobear will be away for some time

I probably won’t have internet, i know.. or i might have an alternative plan=D

Some Reviews that will be on-hold

Phantom Requiem For the Phantom EP 7- by abracisu ( i’ll have to contact him somehow=D)
Phantom Requiem For the Phantom Episode 22,23,24 spoilers (21) spoilers will be updated
Canaan Episode 7-  on-hold, or Zero will continue
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 6- on-hold or Zero will continue

Completed Anime
Skip Beat Ep5-by renxsakura will be posted by Mizuro

Site is back up!!

Otakupride have their own hosting in a new site.
Everything there will be updated much faster then here so if you want fast information about ur favourite anime as well as anime news then make sure you visit our new site and bookmark.

The link will also be in our link sidebar just incase u forgot to bookmark it.


We haven’t been doing reviews lately, because me and Zero are busy with our new site.

Some problems came up, so we will need some time , re-posting our reviews from this site.

reviews we will catch up on:

Bakemonogatari Ep4
Canaan Ep3,4

And of course: Phantom Requiem for the Phantom Spoilers / Reviews

We will be starting other anime series for reviews when our site is fully running~

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting otaku pride this past month.
We are now going to move website, because we’ve been accepted by a host so yeah!

Here is our new website: everything starting from July 25th on( anime updates,news, reviews)


will be  HERE:http://otakupride.hyouri.org/