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Reviews otakupride planning to review:

Darker Than Black- Zero
Letter Bee- Zero
Sacred Blacksmith-Zero


Kimi No Todoke- kerobear
Winter Sonata-kerobear
These are not final, will be changed in the future depending on how school goes, and how the anime progresses.

Some anime reviews in consideration:
Fairy Tail ( probably going to a long series)

Again OtakuPride is proud to present you with amazing screenshots, and reviews to share. We really wish to do as many anime series as we need more people to help us with reviews.

Sidenote: We hope to interpret a new style of writing reviews for the upcoming reviews. Hope you will continue reading our reviews. Thanks.!


As you know summer anime is almost coming to an end.

The link below will show a final top 4 of my favourite anime of the season.


Canaan episode 12 review is posted:

link below to read