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Episode 11 review


Episode 12




Bakemongatari – Episode 7 has been blogged on our new site, click the link above to read it.


You can read our latest post on our new website. The link is above

Kerobear will be away for some time

I probably won’t have internet, i know.. or i might have an alternative plan=D

Some Reviews that will be on-hold

Phantom Requiem For the Phantom EP 7- by abracisu ( i’ll have to contact him somehow=D)
Phantom Requiem For the Phantom Episode 22,23,24 spoilers (21) spoilers will be updated
Canaan Episode 7-  on-hold, or Zero will continue
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 6- on-hold or Zero will continue

Completed Anime
Skip Beat Ep5-by renxsakura will be posted by Mizuro