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You can read the newest blog at the link above, i will try to do 5 asap.
Quite censored though so most of the pics might have a big kitten pic lol



Kanamemo Episode 3 is blogged on our new site, check it out by clicking on it.
Will do episode 4 asap – musical XD


Sorry for the late blogging of this was busy with the new site.
You can read it on our new site – link is just above, will do 3 and 4 asap.

Episode 1 – Alone for the first time…
hajimeteno , hitoribocchi … (はじめての、ひとりぼっち…)

Opening Sequence – “Kimi he to Tsunagu Kokoro” by Aki Toyosaki, Kaoru Mizuhara and Rie Kugimiya

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