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Phantom Requiem review episode 22 posted by nayrael



Episode 21 Spoiler ( Pictures)

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Kerobear will be away for some time

I probably won’t have internet, i know.. or i might have an alternative plan=D

Some Reviews that will be on-hold

Phantom Requiem For the Phantom EP 7- by abracisu ( i’ll have to contact him somehow=D)
Phantom Requiem For the Phantom Episode 22,23,24 spoilers (21) spoilers will be updated
Canaan Episode 7-  on-hold, or Zero will continue
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 6- on-hold or Zero will continue

Completed Anime
Skip Beat Ep5-by renxsakura will be posted by Mizuro

Episode 19, is just a major recap, of Cal and Reiji.Nothing special, shows Reiji and Eren , walking to Mexico.O_O LOL?

Here are spoiler pictures from episode 20:

I guarantee YOU WOULD WANT TO WATCH episode 20 SOO BADLY
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Episode 18 is up with subs:

watch at: http://watchanimenow.com/phantom-~requiem-for-the-phantom~-episode-18/

Best episode!

Sorry, this spoiler episode i gave out, was kind of inaccurate. Due to my crazy assumptions, I was thinking Reiji went to the ware house for revenge. But nope, he just wanted to go there and refresh his memories of training Cal, since he was a bit emo knowing that Cal died from the fire.( which she did not)

Yeah! My greatest apologies!