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Last episode for Tokyo Mag review is up



The review is up! Click to read link below!



tokyo magnitude 8.0 episode 9 review posted! Link above

The review for episode 8 is posted on our website

click the link below to view


Kerobear will be away for some time

I probably won’t have internet, i know.. or i might have an alternative plan=D

Some Reviews that will be on-hold

Phantom Requiem For the Phantom EP 7- by abracisu ( i’ll have to contact him somehow=D)
Phantom Requiem For the Phantom Episode 22,23,24 spoilers (21) spoilers will be updated
Canaan Episode 7-  on-hold, or Zero will continue
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 6- on-hold or Zero will continue

Completed Anime
Skip Beat Ep5-by renxsakura will be posted by Mizuro